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Our Methodologies

We strictly follow student- oriented methodology in delivering all our programs. We do not use a “one size fits all” approach to curriculum or teaching methods. All our teaching strategies are directed towards fulfilment of our students’ personal objectives depending on their individual learning styles. Therefore, we customise all our language programs based on a thorough analysis of our students’ needs and accommodate various learning styles.

To all our students seeking training in basics of a foreign language, for instance, we teach the language skills needed for daily life, from basic introductions and ordering food in a restaurant, over giving directions to taxi drivers, to express your feelings to your loved ones. Our teaching methodologies are adapted to the essential differences in the cognitive abilities, language interests, and aspirations of different individuals, bound by the common goal of enabling our students to communicate with minimum effort in the shortest time possible.


Foreign Language Training

We firmly believe that people should learn a new language the same way as they did their first: naturally. One learns languages best through conversation and communication. That is why our classes consist of a small number of students and our students speak more than the teachers.

We ensure that all our students receive the personal attention they need to enhance their linguistic abilities. Our highly qualified trainers use an integrated approach based on listening and speaking, scaffolded by relevant activities of reading and writing.

Students undergo continuous assessment to allow the trainers to easily monitor their progress. Keeping in mind the participant’s existing language abilities, our trainers strategically adapt their teaching to the students’ learning requirement


Adapting to Foreign Cultures

As most of our students wish to study or settle abroad, ensuring student relatability to foreign cultures is key to us. We want to ensure an effective language learning experience for our students, which proves beneficial to them even when they move abroad.

That is why we motivate students to review classroom learning and advise them on study outside of class to continue their progress. We equip students with the materials and tools required to pursue their language studies independently.

For example, we introduce students to self-study material to supplement our tutorials: movies, music, magazines, books and so on. This allows the student to embrace the foreign language and experience the culture and history associated with it.

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